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GL25 EKOFLEKS - Tiefgrund - deeply penetrating primer

GL25 is intended to strengthen and impregnate porous,
highly absorbent, crumbling interior and exterior substrates.
  • Colourless
  • Has a deep penetration
  • Strengthens the substrate’s surface
  • Improves adhesion of coatings to the substrate
  • Improves water resistance
  • Vapour-permeable
  • Environmentally friendly
Scope of application
Deep-penetrating primer Ekofleks GL25 serves for priming outdoor and indoor surfaces of floors, walls and ceilings. It has a high adhesive and penetrating ability, strengthens loose and friable surfaces. It is applied prior to the repairing of cement and concrete floors base, laying finishing flooring materials, plastering and puttying the walls, attaching polystyrene or rock wool, painting and wall covering of various types. It is used to impregnate and strengthen the surface of woodwork, woodchip, gypsum and gypsum plasterboards.
Instructions for use
The surface should be sturdy and without damage. Loose layers that cannot withstand the load must be completely cleaned from the surface by mechanical means. The surface should be dried and cleaned from dust and contaminants that degrade the adhesion to the substrate, as well as the ability to absorb (fats, oils, waxes, bitumen, etc.). In case of biological corrosion (such as a biological entity or the formation of micro-organisms), the surface should be cleaned with a wire brush, and then treated with an antibacterial agent Ekofleks GL29 in accordance with the instruction. Do not apply the product on the frozen surface. Before applying, the product Ekofleks GL25 should be stirred well. Apply with a brush or a roller. The primer should be applied in two layers on the surface with a high absorbency. Subsequent work should be carried out only after the complete drying of the product. Finishing work, the tools have to be washed with water immediately. Dried primer can be removed with the help of an organic solvent.
Terms of application and storage
Work should be carried out at substrate temperatures from +50C to +350C. It should be stored in an original container, in areas with a constant temperature of +50C to +350C. During transportation it has to be protected from freezing. Storage period is 12 months from the manufacture date indicated on the package.
Instructions for disposal
The material cannot be sewered into drains and discharged into wastewater. Plastic packaging is recommended to recycle in special containers for plastic. Material residues after drying can be disposed as construction waste or household garbage.
Security measures
Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor for medical advice.
Technical data
Composition:Aqueous dispersion of polymer, modifiers
Temperature of the air and the base:from +50С to +350С
Drying time:4 to 6 hours
Consumption:from 0,1 to 0,2 l/m2, depending on the surface porosity
Working life:12 months
Package:1l; 2l; 5l; 10l.
Made in EU