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CL132 EKOFLEKS - Decorative "rustic" textured plaster

CL 132 is mineral thin-layer plaster with “rustic” texture for decorative interior and exterior work.
  • Good adhesion to the substrates
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Vapour-permeable
  • Environmentally friendly
Scope of application
Mineral plaster CL132 is intended for indoor and outdoor decorative finishing of the buildings surfaces. It is used on all even mineral substrates, such as: concrete, foam, haydite compression, plastered base, gypsum, gypsum plasterboards, wood chipboards, etc. It is especially effective when used in the bonded insulation systems. The plaster possesses resistance to alkaline attack.

Instructions for use
The surface should be smooth, clean and dry, without grease, oils, waxes and other materials reducing adhesion, as well as, without visible destruction, cavities and recesses. Old remains of paint layers must be removed. Plaster bases, gypsum plasterboards, wood chipboards should be pre-treated with primer GL25. Old and porous surfaces previously have to be treated with primer GL27. In case of fungus or mould on the affected areas, they have to be treated with the antibacterial primer GL29. Before applying the decoration plaster, the surface has to be primed with priming paint GL33. The decorative plaster is applied only after the complete drying of GL33. 25 kg of mineral plaster is mixed with 6.5 litres of water to a smooth paste. After 10-20 minutes the mixture is mixed again. The prepared mixture should be used within two hours. Decorative plaster is applied on the prepared base with a stainless smoothing-trowel at an angle of 60 degrees. The thickness of the layer must match the size of the grains. Surplus plaster is removed and mixed in a bucket. The surface is trowelled with a plastic floater, after the material does not adhere to the tool any longer. Texture is formed by a circular motion of the floater. Decorative plaster is applied by “wet on wet” method, not allowing the surface to dry out before applying the next layer. Work on the same flat area should be carried out continuously. During the works and material’s drying-out, the plastered surface must be protected from direct sunlight, rain and strong winds. You may not use rusty tools and containers. Material must not be mixed with other plasters and paints. Finishing work, the tools have to be washed immediately with plenty of water. Hardened plaster can be removed only by mechanical means.

Terms of application and storage
Work should be carried out at substrate temperatures from +50 C to +300 C. It should be stored in an original container, in areas with a constant temperature of +50 C to +350 C. During transportation it has to be protected from freezing. Storage period is 12 months from the manufacture date indicated on the package.

Instructions for disposal
The material cannot be sewered into drains and discharged into wastewater. Plastic packaging is recommended to recycle in special containers for plastic. Material residues after drying can be disposed as construction waste or household garbage.

Security measures
Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor for medical advice.
Technical data
Composition:Polymer-cement mixture, modifiers
Proportion:6,5 l of water per 25 kg
Correction time:at least 20 minutes
Mixture working life:not less than 120 minutes
Temperature of the air and the base:from +50С to +300С
Adhesion to concrete:> 0,4 N/mm2
Consumption depending on the grain size:
2,00 mm
3,00 mm

from 3.3 to 3.5 kg/m2
from 3.3 to 4.5 kg/m2
Working life:12 months
Package25 kg
* All data given at the temperature 200С and relative humidity of 60%.
Made in UE