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CL127 EKOFLEKS - Reinforcing mortar for thermal insulation systems (with reinforcing fibres)

CL127 is special adhesive for gluing of insulation boards and the formation of a reinforcing layer in thermal insulation systems.
  • Good adhesion to the substrates
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Vapour-permeable and hydrophobic
  • Environmentally friendly
Scope of application
Special fibre-reinforced adhesive is used for gluing of solid polystyrene and mineral wool plates, mineral insulation boards inside and outside the premises as well as for boarding and plastering mesh reinforcement in thermal insulating systems. It has a high elasticity and strength, enhances the entire heat insulation system. Glue is water- and frost- proof, has good water vapour-permeability. It is suitable for all mineral substrates, such as: brick, plaster, concrete.

Instructions for use
Preliminary work. The surface should be sturdy and without damage. Loose layers that cannot withstand the load must be completely cleaned from the surface by mechanical means. The surface should be dried and cleaned from dust and contaminants that degrade the adhesion to the base. In case of biological corrosion, surface vegetation or micro-organisms formation should be removed with a wire brush and the surface should be treated with antibacterial Ekofleks GL29, according to the instructions. If necessary, the prepared surface should be primed with Ekofleks GL25 or Ekofleks GL27. After processing, the primed surface must be clean, firm and not crumbly. Mix 25 kg of dry adhesive mixture Ekofleks CL125 with 7.5 litres of water to a smooth paste. After 5-10 minutes stir it again thoroughly. The resulting mass must be used within 3-4 hours. Boards attaching. The surface of the board should be puttied with a thin layer of glue, rubbing it into the surface thoroughly. Adhesive mixture is applied around the perimeter of the board, and at the centre of the board several portions of glue, as big as a palm, are applied, then press it against the surface of the wall, slightly tapping the board. Adhering boards is upwards. If the wall surface is even, then glue is applied to the entire board surface with a notched trowel 10x10x10 mm. Particular attention should be given to full adhesion of the board’s edges to the surface. The attaching of the boards takes about 15-20 minutes. Boards of mineral wool are glued tightly and without gaps, so that the glue does not penetrate into the joints between the boards. Boards are attached to the wall with plugs, not earlier than 24 hours after attaching them to the base. In case of attaching them with plugs immediately after adhering to the substrate, the boards can deform and come off. The received mass should be used within 3-4 hours. The solution does not restore after the addition of water into it. The average consumption is 4.5 kg/m2.
Reinforcement. Mortar is applied to the glued dowelled boards with a notched trowel. Reinforcing mesh is imposed onto the mortar and it is drowned into the mixture with a spatula. Then, just on the laid mesh, without waiting for the drying out of the first layer a second layer (up to 3 mm) of mortar is applied and smoothed. Work should be carried out at temperature from +50 C to +300 C.  Finishing work, tools have to be cleaned with water. The surface should be protected from rain and frost for a few days. Applying a protective, decorative coating should not be earlier than 72 hours after application of a reinforcing coating.

Terms of storage
It should be stored in an original container. It has to be protected from moisture. Storage period is 12 months from the manufacture date indicated on the package.

Instructions for disposal
The material cannot be sewered into drains and discharged into wastewater. Material residues have to be mixed with water and after their hardening, be disposed as construction debris.

Security measures
Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor for medical advice.
Technical data
Composition:Polymer-cement mixture, modifiers
Proportion:7,5 l of water per 25 kg of CL 127
Correction time:at least 15 minutes
Mixture working life:not less than 180 minutes
Temperature of the air and the base:from +50С to +350С
to concrete
to polystyrene
to mineral wool

> 0,5 N/mm2
> 0,1 N/mm2 (or polystyrene’s rupture)
> 0,02 N/mm2 (or mineral wool’s rupture)
Consumption: Plates attachingreinforcement
~ 4,5 kg/m2
~ 5 kg/m2
Working life from the manufacture date:12 months
Package:25 kg
* All data given at the temperature 200C and relative humidity of 60%.
Made in EU